Job openings

Our culture

A very attractive aspect of our business model is the timely feedback loop: employees see solutions implemented quickly and we are able to assess the results almost immediately.

Our perks

We foster an ingenious, team-oriented culture. We value quick-witted, creative minds and challenge them to make full use of their capacities.

Sports Compensation

Healthy mind in healthy body – this is one of mantra we follow on daily basis. CMTech provides compensation for any kind of sports on monthly basis.

Friday Lunches

You are what you eat. To boost performance, we serve fresh and healthy food on Fridays and provide with nutritional snacks during the work week.

Medical Insurance

All of staff members have fully covered medical insurance.

Corporate English Classes

Studying English is inevitable when it comes to cooperation of three continents. We provide in-house English courses on quarterly basis for our team members to improve their knowledge and enhance soft skillset.